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Welcome to Kinderfarm Academy! We are happy to announce the following new services we will be offering in addition to the blog.

Homeschool Consulting $120 per hour to consult with both Heidi and Joey. (open to anyone)  ($80 per hour individually) Sign up here.

What you get: We offer individualized direction incorporating your family’s mission, philosophies, desires, needs, and personalities with project and experienced-based learning. We offer advice in gathering resources, supplies, and tools, collecting an in-home literature-rich library, designing schoolrooms, and creating indoor and outdoor learning spaces within your home.

Our goal in consulting is to empower you as the parent(s) to become your own homeschooling expert. We offer a unique service by combining the minds of both an experienced homeschool mom and a trained educator with a knowledge and understanding of both the public and private school systems. We understand your time and money are very valuable. When you choose to consult with us, please understand we will put in considerable time outside of the consulting session, considering your family’s unique needs and how to best meet your goals for homeschooling.

Who we are: Heidi is a retired labor and delivery nurse and also a lactation educator and coordinator for the Birth and Beyond education program at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. She has been homeschooling for six years and has designed a custom life-filled way of learning for our children through trial and error as well as through extensive research on homeschooling methodology. Joey is a high school science teacher at Mesa Grande Academy with a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction. He has taught for 14 years in both public and private school and is actively involved in the homeschooling of our four children. You can read more about his thoughts about home schooling here.

California Private School Satellite Program (PSP or “Umbrella School“) (open to California residents only) $150 per family per year. Sign up here.

A private satellite program that allows students to be enrolled in an established private school recognized by the State of California’s Board of Education while still having the freedom to receive their education at home. Kinderfarm Academy files all legal forms, provides a teacher ID card for one parent, and maintains attendance records, cum files, transcripts, and diplomas for students enrolled in our program.

The Abundant Garden – Hands on Classes at Our Home

We at Kinderfarm Academy believe in an experience and project based life-filled way of learning. Starting on October 9, we will be offering a 2-hour gardening course once a month on Sundays from 9-11 am or 2-4 pm at our mini farm which are open to and designed for school-aged children. The course will include a number of topics that will help you and your child start a successful home garden.

New! The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening 

We have received significant interest in our gardening courses and decided make the curriculum available to families without attending the course. Using the Dr. Raymond Moore’s formula of study, work, and service, we, a science teacher and home school mother of four, have created a gardening curriculum specifically designed for preschool through middle-school aged children (but is available for everyone.) If you have land or live in an apartment, if you homeschool or go to school, if you learn by reading or by doing, this ecourse will help you learn all the important lessons that gardening has to offer. Our ecourse is designed to be an experience, project, and literature-based way of learning for the family. It consists of 36 weeks of lessons which will begin on October 3. Each monthly unit will include four lessons: the study of basic gardening concepts with practical applications and activities, a theme plant (including recipes), a garden creature of the month, and an influential pioneer in gardening/agriculture. It will include monthly gardening goals that will help you to gradually build and improve your garden and your gardening skills.


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