Kinderfarm Academy PSP Registration

Kinderfarm academy


We are filling a need for an umbrella school in California. Our goal is to provide you with quality online services that will help with academic record keeping in accordance with California legal requirements while supporting you as you educate your child/children in the way that works best for your family.

The following will be included in our services:

  • A private school affidavit and all legal forms will be filed with the state of California.
  • Student cumulative records will be handled confidentially and maintained in fireproof files.
  • Forms will be provided for proper record keeping and student course credits.
  • Half an hour of free curriculum guidance and academic counseling are available. (Parents must purchase or create a curriculum of their own choosing.)
  • A teacher ID card for one parent so you can receive discounts from a variety of organizations and businesses including: The Apple store, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Museums, National Parks, Office Max, Loft, and many others. Google TEACHER DISCOUNTS to get updated lists of discounts from a variety of websites. Click here to see an expanded list of teacher discounts.

The annual enrollment is $150/year per family.

Legal Defense:
Kinderfarm Academy requires enrolled families to be members of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Note: you must join HSLDA to become a member of Kinderfarm Academy. Call, text or email Joey Steffen (909-709-6160 or to receive a discount code to join HSLDA.

Get Started Here (Everything you need from registration to the end of the year forms)

1.  Become a member of HSLDA. Contact us (call or text Joey at 909-709-6160) to get our group discount number, then go to the Home School Legal Defense Association website to sign up.  It often takes several weeks for applications to be processed, so please do this first.

2.  Start of the year forms and registration fee. (vaccination records or waivers no longer required)

Kinderfarm Academy
12460 California St. #1902
Yucaipa, CA 92399

3.  Keep an attendance record. Throughout your school year, use our Kinderfarm Academy School Year Calendar 2017-2018 to keep track of what days your family is having school.  For home educators, “school” can mean any learning activity, so include field trips, seminars, and other unusual educational experiences.  If one child is sick but the others are learning, record it as a school day and mark it as an absence for that particular child.  Public schools usually have 180 days of instruction, so we aim for the same number.  Our school year goes from August 1 to July 31 and your 180 days may be anywhere within that time frame.

4.  End of the year forms. At the end of your school year, we need two forms completed and mailed or emailed to us:

Those who have been with Kinderfarm Academy for a previous year only need to send in a new course of study at the beginning of the year, make any changes needed to the registration form, keep their HSLDA active, and pay the $150 fee.