a letter to my baby on her first day of school

My dear little Olivia,

It seems like just yesterday that your tiny body was laid against my chest. And now here we are… your first day of school. The thought takes my breath away. Where did the last six years go?

Don’t you know that you’re my baby? And that you’re supposed to stay my baby? Forever? That means always sitting on my lap and snuggling, sleeping in my arms every night, giving your impulsive hugs and sweet, spontaneous kisses everyday for the rest of your life.

The first day of school is a milestone and marks the transition into a new chapter in your life. And this ‘first’ will lead to other ‘firsts’ that will one day take you away from me. My mama’s heart aches over this. Because as much as I want to keep you in my arms forever, I am so excited to see you begin to stretch your wings and fly.

Today is the first day of your adventure in the school of life.

You seem uncertain and indifferent about today, but you are on the brink of an adventure. Trust me baby, Jesus will be with you in each and every adventure you choose to take. I could give you so much advice on how to do well in life, but if you follow just this one, you will succeed. Spend time with Jesus. Learn the sound of His voice, follow His direction, and His love will overflow and spill over onto others and into all that you choose to do. And that my little Livie Lou, will determine who you will become.

Enjoy this adventure, my little love. You will find that the enjoyment of life is all in your attitude. You will always have a choice in your echo. Bad things will happen; you will be hurt, you will fail. The key is to realize that it’s not what happens to you in life, but how you choose to respond to it that will make all the difference. It’s your decision. And I promise you, if you keep your eyes on Jesus when things don’t go your way, you will succeed in the greatest test of all.

So as you get up this morning and head to “school” on the couch, embrace this adventure. And even though my eyes will be blurry with tears, I will do my best to embrace and celebrate it with you. Adventure is calling my dear little girl, and you must go. So go with Jesus…


your mama


3 thoughts on “a letter to my baby on her first day of school

  1. Oh my eyes as a mummy hear you! This is beautiful, our mama’s heart are always so teared up! But how lucky you are to be able to stay hands in hands as you walk your way in homeschooling… (I love that picture of you two!)

  2. Your letter to your daughter makes feel so warm and our children will always grow up and we should accept that and give them more advices. Thanks for sharing, have a good day!

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