lessons learned from the crippled lamb

Have you ever read The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado? It is a heartwarming story about a little lamb named Joshua. He is not able to go with the other lambs but has to stay behind because he is crippled and unable to keep up with the others. Because of his imperfection, he is able to be present in the stable when Jesus is born. He is able to lay beside him and warm him with his wool.

lessons learned from "The Crippled Lamb" by Kinderfarmhomeschool.com

This year, as I was reading this book to the kids, it took on a whole new meaning and spoke to me in a different way. I read it through the eyes of someone who is crippled; not physically, but emotionally crippled. Crippled, by definition, means anything that is impaired or flawed (Dictionary.com) Well, that’s me; messy, impaired, and flawed. Imperfect. Broken. Damaged. In so many ways and for so many reasons…

Do you feel crippled as well? If we insert our name instead of Joshua, we become the crippled lamb. And this story becomes our story. And we have hope BECAUSE we are broken.

lessons learned from "The Crippled Lamb" by Kinderfarmhomeschool.com

I learned three lessons from this story:

1. Often times being crippled causes us to stay behind or takes us down a different path we otherwise wouldn’t have chosen and provides us with different opportunities to better know Him and to better serve Him. Perfect people don’t often need a Savior. God is able to use me, not in spite of my brokenness, but because of it.

2. Just as Joshua used the wool on his body to warm the baby Jesus, we must use what we have and give it to the baby king. When given to Him, he turns our weaknesses into strength, our brokenness into a thing of beauty.

lessons learned from "The Crippled Lamb" by Kinderfarmhomeschool.com

3. Christmas is not about perfection and creating and doing; it’s about allowing God to be the gift. It’s not about what we do, but about what He gives and we accept. Perfection keeps us from the greatest gift. In The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp, she says this, “There is no need to produce or perform or perfect – simply become a place for God. That is all.” You don’t have to create the perfect Christmas and have all your Christmas (or your gift wrapping) “Pinterest perfect”. You don’t have to complete everything on your to-do lists. You don’t need to be perfect for God to use you. All we have to do is allow Him to use our brokenness and imperfection to take us down a different path, accept that His gift is enough, and rest in Him.

If you have a few moments and need a little inspiration today, listen to Love Came Down by Kari Jobe.

lessons learned from "The Crippled Lamb" by Kinderfarmhomeschool.com

And if you are struggling this holiday season, remember this, “God has a special place for those who don’t belong”. It is because of our brokenness, because of our crippledness, because of our IMperfection, that Christ came to bring us Hope. Rest in His arms today.

, heidi