wool + plaid are my favorites

I am in love with anything wool and plaid right now. Even though wool can be scratchy, it is so warm. I am drawn to the warm and cozy color blends of plaid as well.

Blankets to me say, “stay awhile”. You know how restaurants are often cold? It’s because they want you to leave. Having blankets around for guests lets them know you want them comfortable and you’d like for them to stay.

using plaid wool blankets in a photo shoot

Doesn’t she look warm and snuggly?

There are so many things you can do with plaid wool blankets.

1. Have them by the fire. Wool is not easy to wash and care for but I figure if I keep them outside and bring them in only when it rains, the fresh air will air them out quite a bit. Pinterest had this beautiful picture of plaid blankets by a fire.

Plaid blankets by the fire

2. Use them for picnics. There is something cozy about a wool plaid blanket and a picnic basket that draws me in, welcomes me.

3. Use them for photo props. We used them using in our  family photos. How fun it was to wrap each of the kids up in a warm blanket. We haven’t taken family pictures in 3 years and now we’ve taken them twice in less than 3 months! Crazy, right? I credit it all to the fact that I no longer need the “perfect” picture aaannnddd to these beautiful plaid new blankets I have been collecting. They have been my inspiration to take another set of family photos. Thank you to our two photographers, Grandpa and Uncle Jason!

plaid wool blanket photo session

 photo by Grandpa Steffen

plaid wool blankets in a photo session

photo by Grandpa Steffen

I love this photo that Grandpa took; it’s real. It’s a behind the scenes shot of us walking back to do another retake of the flying blanket shot and I’m holding a crying little Livie because she got left behind.

plaid wool blanket photo session

 photo credit to Jason Calvert

how to use plaid wool blankets in a family photo sesson

photo credit to Jason Calvert

plaid wool blanket photo session

photo credit to Jason Calvert

plaid wool blanket photo shoot by kinderfarmhomeschool.com

plaid wool blankets for a photo session

photo credit to Jason Calvert

4. Use them for decor; fold them up and set them next to your couch or hang them over ladder rungs. They make cute decor by adding pops of color and they can be used when it gets chilly.

wool + plaid = LOVE. So many uses for plaid wool blankets by Kinderfarmhomeschool.com

5. Decorate your front porch by throwing a blanket over an outside bench or chair. They add color and warmth.wool + plaid are my favorites

6. Use them for your Outdoor Thanksgiving Celebration. I found this picture on Pinterest and fell. in. love. It’s my inspiration for our outdoor Thanksgiving dinner. See the cute plaid wool blankets?

this picture courtesy of PinterestPretty outdoor table

 I love plaid so much, I bought this plaid wool coat I happened upon as I was shopping for my wool blankets. Don’t tell my husband. 🙂

plaid + wool are my favorites

photo credit to my husband

So many fun things to do with plaid wool blankets! I think I’m going to need more wool + plaid…

♥ heidi

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