an easy way to make your own art


I love making things; it’s a way for me to express myself. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out, but I have fun trying. It’s not a waste of time when the act of creating fills me up with energy, rather than taking it away. I find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and then I tweak it and make it my own by adding my own tastes and preferences, my own touches. I often use these for housewarming, hostess, or birthday gifts.

I love beautiful fonts and calligraphy. I bought myself a calligraphy set this summer, but have not yet figured out how to use my pen without creating ink splotches everywhere. One day, I plan on learning, but for now I use a fake calligraphy technique that I found on a blog I follow. She makes it so easy. You pretty much write the letters and then on every downward stroke you make it bolder. You can find her post here. I highly encourage you to look around her blog. Emily is such a creative inspiration to me.

Today I will be showing you how to make your own art. And it’s easy. If I can do it; you certainly can.

The first thing I did was to choose a design. I can’t draw or paint, so I usually am forced to use a medium that is real. I love to bring the outside into my home by using nature. It’s beautiful and it’s free and there are so many options available; leaves, feathers, ferns, flower petals, pretty much anything that can lie flat.

This is what you will need to make your own art:

  • card-stock paper
  • a pencil
  • an eraser (preferably not a red on the end of the pencil. It often leaves erase marks on your paper.)
  • a Pilot Precise Extra Fine Pen or any ink pen in the house that writes easily
  • your choice of nature medium (if you can’t draw it)
  • your choice of frame
  • double-sided tape
  • an inspiring quote or Bible verse

For this piece, I decided to use feathers. We had some that the kids had collected from walks and our own chickens and they were beautiful. I arranged my feathers how I wanted them on the paper. You can take a quick picture of this if you need to to remember how you arranged them. Then take the feathers off the paper.

I then lightly wrote out my Bible verse using a pencil. Once I had it how I like it, I got out my pen and traced it. I didn’t have any nice Pilot pens, so I ended up using what I had in the house.


If you don’t like your handwriting, then pick a font you like and print it on the card-stock paper. You can then use it as is or you can add the calligraphy look to it.

Then I added my extra downward strokes to create the calligraphy look. I did wish I had a nicer pen.


You can add a little design if you like as well like I did with the “Be Still” picture.


When I was finished and happy with how it looked, I took my eraser and very carefully erased any pencil marks that could be seen. You need to make sure your ink is dry before you do this.


Then you add your nature medium.


When I had them where I wanted them, I took my tape and fastened them to the paper, making sure that it couldn’t be seen from the front. Feathers are a little hard to use since they are not completely flat, but I made it work.

Then you put it into your frame. I buy many of my frames while treasure hunting at yard or estate sales. They are usually fun and vintagy and not as expensive as buying them from the store. I do make sure to buy a frame that has glass on the front so it can contain whatever medium you chose to use.



I made my own matting by cutting out some burlap fabric I had lying around.


Here is one I made using poppy flowers. Sophia made a poppy project with me; see her cute little butterfly?

Heidi's iPhone 846

I make a few of these pictures and then change them out in the frame with the different seasons. I love the inspirational quotes and Bible texts everywhere I look in the house. They help to keep my eyes ever on Christ.

And there you have it. So easy, fun and inexpensive. I would love to hear how you use your new art.

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  1. Call me crazy, but my favorite picture was the one of your hands and the eraser! Your hands craft, comfort, care, and cover those you love… You are amazing!

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