meet our scarecrow, Mr. McGregor


I love to decorate. Decorating adds a bit of your own personality and flair to a space. I wanted to bring a little bit of our personality outside so we (okay maybe I) decided we should decorate our garden. I decided to do this with a scarecrow. I got online and begin to search for images to get ideas on how we could make him. I recommend not googling images of scarecrows with kids; there are some scary scarecrow images out there. Ours won’t be scaring the crows or rabbits away but I love how cute he looks. He adds a bit of ambiance and fun to the garden. Today I will be sharing how we made our scarecrow…

Items you will need:

– Old wood – 2 pieces measuring approximately 4ft by 5ft (old fence pieces work great and are often free) and screws
– Burlap sack, fabric, or pillowcase
– Pumpkin, old ball or something to stuff the fabric with to make a head
– Old button-down shirt and pants
– Straw, rags, leaves, pine needles or other stuffing materials (a trash bag to hold the materials is optional)
– Safety pins
– Twine or other string
– Buttons and embroidery thread (or markers or paint) to make your face
– Hot glue and glue gun
– Hats, shoes, gloves, bandannas, pitchfork or rake and other accessories

  • The first thing we did is to shop for his outfit. This summer, on one of our weekly treasure-hunting escapades, we found a pair of jean overalls for $1.00. I bought the flannel plaid shirt at the thrift-store and a cowboy hat at the Dollar Store.
  • Joey then built a cross out of wood by screwing two pieces of wood together measuring approximately 4ft by 5ft (we cut the size to fit the shirt and pants and allowing a little room at the bottom to stake the scarecrow into the ground).
  • The kids and I took this cross out into our garden and dressed it in the shirt and overalls. We ended up putting the bottom part of the cross into one of the legs, but you can also cut a hole in the crotch and have it come through the middle.


  • And then we began to stuff it with an old hay-bale. We stuffed and we stuffed and we stuffed until he was as full as we wanted him. You can stuff with pine needles or other soft substance placed inside a trash bag as well. You can also tie the ends of the wrists and ankles with twine so the stuffing doesn’t come out.


  • Next we made the head out of burlap and an old ball. I covered the ball in the burlap fabric and tied it closed at the neck with twine.
  • Then we made a face. I used a hot glue gun to attach buttons for his eyes and glued on embroidery thread for his smile. But you could even draw it on with a marker.
  • We then secured his head to the wooden cross using a staple gun.
  • Then we used safety pins to secure his hat to his head. We used hot glue for this initially, but it didn’t work so well.
  • We put some extra straw coming out of his hands and feet but may later cover these with gloves and boots. We will probably put a bandanna on him as well.


My plan is to redress him with the seasons. I already have an adorable pair of red long-johns for Christmas and an old swimsuit of Joey’s for the summer. In the Spring, I plan on doing something a little different with him, but I will write about it later, For now, here’s a little hint (click on images for sources found on Pinterest):


And there you have it, our scarecrow, Mr. McGregor.


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