interview with a nine-year-old boy on homeschooling

I wanted to know, from a nine-year-old’s perspective, why he likes homeschooling. Meet Caleb, our nine-year-old farmer.

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  I had him write down all of the reasons that he likes to homeschool and then we talked about them. Here is the list he came up with:

  • I get to play outside.
  • I can stay home with my siblings.
  • We get to have chickens.
  • We get to have a garden.
  • We get to play in a tree house.
  • We get to have a orcherd. (his spelling)
  • We get to play in a pool.
  • We get to read together.

At first, I was a little confused by his list. Some of these are things we would do anyway, even if he was in a brick and mortar school. But then it dawned on me that he has never been to “school”. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have to sit behind a desk for a large portion of the day, be around people all day (sometimes torturous for an introvert), learn facts out of a history textbook rather than by reading real stories and have homework to do in each subject when you get home. These are all of my memories and I liked school. So I looked at his list again and went over it with different eyes.

  • I get to play outside-Most definitely he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time outside if he was in school. There are some days they spend a good portion of their day outside, playing, exploring,  learning.
  • I can stay home with my siblings-He was right on with this reason. He wouldn’t know his siblings as well if he was away at school all day and then doing homework in the evening.Heidi's iPhone 8-11-2014 620
  • We get to have chickens-I think he’s right on this one too. I’m not sure his interest in farming would have been this strong if he was in “school” the last three years but I do know this. We wouldn’t have gotten the chickens when we did if he wouldn’t have had expressed his interest in chickens and farming.
  • We get to have a garden-We still would have had a garden, but I doubt we would have had a small farm.Heidi's iPhone 8-11-2014 399
  • We get to have an orcherd (his spelling)-This is my husband’s love so we still would have had an orchard.
  • We get to play in a tree house-They still would have had a tree house, but they sure wouldn’t have been having school in it.
  • We get to play in a pool-They still would have gotten to play in a pool, but not as much.
  • We get to read together-Again, we still would have read as a family, but not as often or for as long.

So there you are; why my nine-year-old son (who has never been to “school”)  likes to homeschool.