the miracle dress

I love to go treasure hunting (a fancy term for yard-saling), especially on Fridays. We wake up in the morning, potty the kids, load them up in the car with water and a baggie of cereal and take off. One morning last summer I happened upon two little girl David’s Bridal dresses, the perfect sizes for my little girls and a steal at only $2.50 a dress! Sophia was going to be in a wedding in the spring and I thought maybe this dress could work. But until then…. I couldn’t just leave them hanging in their closet, so I dressed them up and did a photo shoot.

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I had to bribe them with chocolate chips, but it was worth it…. Having this moment, this memory documented means so much to me.

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I love taking pictures, especially of my kids. I would love to take a class one day and really learn the art of photography; but until then, I will continue to play around with my camera, the light and the angles, and capture our memories…one picture at a time.

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The best part? Sophia ended up wearing this dress at the wedding. Isn’t it funny how God works? He saved me $100 before I even asked AND now I will always have these pictures to remind me of this day with our girls.

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